Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Wahhhhhhhh...I Wanna Be Paid Like a Top 10 Pick....Wahhhhhhhhhh

Hey Brady....does someone want their binky? What's the matter, A.J. Hawk's sister isn't giving you all the TLC you need in the bedroom? I'm sure to take a lot of heat for this post, since I know there are tons of you that suck Notre Dame's d*ck for no apparent reason. Ughhhhhh, we get it, some of you are Irish and Catholic and think you're somehow a part of the Notre Dame tradition. Our Lady of Victory doesn't give a damn about any of you losers....which is why I plan on ripping into Brady Quinn for a few minutes, while your Holy Water tears stream down your face.

Who does this little pretty boy think he is? The 22nd player overall in the draft wants to be paid a contract that has the potential to pay him top 5-10 money????? The Browns want Quinn to sign a contract that is performance driven, while Baby Brady's camp is forcing a deal at the Browns that would hit significant incentives, should Quinn just play. Sure, smart negotiating by the agents, but this isn't helping anyone here. This kid needs to get to camp and get some reps with the veterans, before they turn their backs on him. Quinn's posse wants a deal based on snaps and reps that would make his contract the 9th most valuable in the draft if THE MINIMUM level of incentives are reached. A deal that at max value could reach $30 million, and at a minimum value, would reach $20 million.....guaranteed. FYI....Joe Thomas (that guy that the Browns drafted with the 3rd overall pick this year, only has $22-23 million in guarantees based on the deal he signed).

So what gives you the right, Brady? You were drafted at #22 for a reason. Nobody needed you. It's supply versus demand.....so sign your friggin' deal and be happy the Browns made enough moves to keep you as a first round pick in the first place. As my good friend, The Assistant Coach, said in the movie Dazed and Confused..."What? Quarterbacks don't have to do what the coaches tell them to do?" Grow up Quinn, take the binky out of your mouth, and prove to all your loyal ND fans that you are the next coming of Christ....just as they've panned you out to be.
Oh, Rick Mirer says "hi", guys.

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Chieftain said...

As a legitimate Irish Catholic (unlike how steina is a "young professional"), I sweat ND.

With that said, this post is spot on. The NFL needs to determine a range of fixed rates for all 1st round selections. This is stupid - you're the 22nd pick! As such, Quinn should be paid less than Jacksonville's Reggie Nelson and more than KC's Dwayne Bowe. If you're fortunate enough to outproduce your rookie contract, then that is when your agent can dictate/negotiate your salary demands.

Derek Anderson & Charlie Frye suck. Quinn could have potentially started for this team. Instead, management, players, and his hometown city is turning against him.

Has anyone's overall stock fallen lower in the last 7 months than Quinn's (b/w his draft stock, his 'green room' fiasco, his pictures at AJ Hawk's wedding, his internet pictures of him and his buddies grabbing balls, and now this)? He needs to hire an established PR representative ASAP.

Also, ND might have the worst defense in the country this year.

Anonymous said...

Fuck the Irish, and fuck Brady Quinn. Notre Dame is always overrated due to their "legacy" and they weren't even close to as good as they were versus their rankings last year.

Go BC !

Chieftain said...

Jay Glazor (Fox Sports) is reporting that Quinn & the Browns agreed to a 5 year deal this morning.

Simply Suds said...

Brady must have read the Win Column and got the job done.