Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Making The Band 4 -- Predictions

I don't watch a ton of reality TV...but every once in a while, a reality program comes along that is undeniable gold. For example, some gems include Surreal Life, the Real World/Road Rules Challenges, Flavor of Love...and of the more recent variety -- Rev Run, Rock of Love, and Making The Band 4.

Let's get this out of the way...when I decide I like a show, I dive in deep. It's not out of the realm of possibility for me to watch the same episode several times...just so I may dissect and analyze every detail. I know, I have an OCD problem -- it serves as both my greatest and worst attribute.

Rev Run
(I think the Reverend's daughter, Vanessa, is hot) and Rock of Love (I would do dirty things to Jes, pink hair and all) are sure to have their moment in Win Column glory in the coming days, but today is all about Diddy's Making The Band...especially when you consider that last night's episode was supposed to be the season finale. In the end, it wasn't -- Diddy couldn't decide on which 4 members should comprise his latest project. As 10 contestants currently remain, Diddy has asked the viewing public for help in choosing the finished product. Thus, the newly updated season file will now air live on Sunday, August 26th. The 10 challengers are as follows (in alphabetical order):
  • Brian A., Brian H., DeAngelo, Donnie, Dyshon, Jeremy, Mike, Qwanell, Robert, and Willie
First of all, I have something that a must get off my chest. I'm pissed about last night's outcome! Considering Diddy's status, there is NO WAY he is being influenced one bit by whom the kid up the street is randomly voting for. Does he really think we're this dumb??? Diddy is worth $346 million...this band is his reputation, his dollars. He's going to pick the 4 contestants which he feels will mesh best together as a group. As a viewer, don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining.

Anyways...although I obviously won't be voting, that won't stop me from weighing in on this subject. Of the 10 potential group members, I could envision 8 of them being selected in certain situations (with Brian H. and Dyshon being the odd ones out).

From a vocal perspective...Robert, Jeremy, Brian A., and "Big" Mike are the best (in that exact order).

From a more overall standpoint (singing, choreography, and presence)...Willie, Donnie, Robert, and Qwanell consistently stand out.

The one I haven't discussed yet is DeAngelo, who tore the house down in the latest sampling (when they opened up for 'New Edition' in front of a sold out crowd). Still, I would have to personally rank DeAngelo as the 8th Man on this squad. Consistency matters.

Which leaves me with this...

I can't foresee any way Robert is left out of the group. He's in. The final 3 spots should come down to 4 potential choices -- those being Jeremy, Willie, Donnie, and Qwanell.

Of the aforementioned 4 candidates, Jeremy is the one performer that doesn't stand out as an "entertainer" while on stage. However, his voice is too strong to let go. For that reason, Jeremy is in.

This is tough!! On one hand, you have Willie...Mr. Consistency. On another hand, you have Donnie...the one that possesses no distinct weaknesses, and would die to make the group. And lastly...you have Qwanell, who comes with the swagger of a superstar. I, for one, think that Willie and Donnie will mesh best with Robert and Jeremy! But, what do I know?

So, there you have it...Chieftain's band consists of:

  • Robert (bottom photo), Jeremy (3rd photo from top), Donnie (2nd photo from top), and Willie (top photo)

...I can't wait until August 26th -- I just wish it wasn't 3 weeks from now. By then, no one is even going to remember the show?

What's that, you say? You don't like this post? It's too long? You don't watch this show?? Tough sh*t...I do.

And, for those of you that do watch the show (and I know there's some/many of you out there), it's ok to admit to it. Everyone has their guilty pleasures. I want to hear from you...


Anonymous said...

damn, thats long. well analyzed - ive only seen a few episodes, so i cant weigh in entirely. i like big mike though.

rock of love (with bret michaels) is great television!! only entourage is better.

buddy said...

scott baio 4 life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diddy said...

Guys, did you really just write a post on Making the Band 4 ? I think you are all a hell of a lot better than this.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah... Making the Band is great, especially because it shows how spot-on Chappelle's parody of him was! Rock of Love is great too, but these shows arent guilty pleasures... The Hills and Laguna Beach are guilty pleasures!

Anonymous said...

Making the Band 4 is hot. The band will be: Robert, Willie, Brian A. & Big Mike. If a 5th
member then Donnie.

Anonymous said...

Hey... I can only say that WILLIE has left the CHI-TOWN... HEADED FOR N.Y.

Anonymous said...

The Band will be: Brian A., Willie, Robert, Mike. If 5th then DeAngelo.

Anonymous said...

willie quanell robert deangelo or brian.aand donnie

Anonymous said...

I've been watching this show from the start and first let me say thats its awesome...now i think that the band will be...willie,qwanell, donnie, and brain A. if there was to be a 5th member then i would want deAngelo....omg i love these boys they are hott and amazing performers!! that would be my dream boy band

Anonymous said...

heyy heyy heyy omg i love day26 quanell iz sooooo hott!!!

Anonymous said...

I think Making the Band 4 is a great show!!!!!!!Donnie I looooooooooooooooooooooove you and your amazing voice!!!!When your album comes out I want to be the first girl to get your album!!!!!Donnie you are so sexy!!!!!!!!Ilove you!!!!!!!