Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Which is the More Ridiculous Ride?

The battle of who has the stronger hand of PIMP JUICE...

By now, we've all seen Darren McFadden's car (his Arkansas red, Ford Crown Victoria...which sits on 26 inch rims). But, Darius Miles' vehicle has just now come to the forefront...by way of his midnight black Pontiac Grand Ville (from the mid 1970's).

So, my question to all of you is...

When taking in all factors, which car is more obscene? The obvious answer in Miles' ride, but one must consider that McFadden is merely a junior in COLLEGE. One can only imagine what he'll do to top this...when he's actually getting paid like a top NFL pick.

It's clear that McFadden takes the whole, "Go big or go home" mantra to entirely different level, as evidenced by his workout regiment (see bottom photo), his propensity for tattoos (see bottom photo), and his "lavish" style choices.

(And, for the record...despite what some readers may or may not believe, I have NO ill will towards D-Mac. I think he's a tremendous football player. I don't, however, think Arkansas can repeat last year's success -- even though they miss out on both Florida and Georgia this year. It's that simple. Why? Because Houston Nutt may be the weakest coach in the SEC, especially when you consider that he just lost his jewel of an Offensive Coordinator in Gus Malzahn...the new head coach at Tulsa).

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Simply Suds said...

My super sleeper pick of the year is P.J. Hill from Wisconsin. Ran for almost 1600 yards and 15 TD's as a........FRESHMAN!!!!! Sophomore year was good to me in college, as it should be to P.J.