Tuesday, August 7, 2007

We Have Liftoff

A couple weeks ago (on July 6th), Suds posted a video of one of my all-time favorite football hits...that being FSU's Greg Jones absolutely barreling through UNC's Dexter Reid. It goes without saying that Greg Jones is a strong, strong man. After all, he's built like a linebacker with tailback instincts and (to a lesser extent) speed.

Anyway, this above video is nuts. From the looks of it, this video comes via some random high school game. That being said, I have no doubt that this linebacker earned himself a college football scholarship...simply by way of this one highlight. I'll even take it a step further...if that running back survived that hit, then I can assure you that the aforementioned linebacker has tapped out the running back's high school sweetheart. It's a "dog-eat-dog world", and this linebacker will forever own the running back in question. Wow!

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Simply Suds said...

And that, my friends, is why linebacker is the greatest position in football. As my boy Lattimer said (and yes I know he played DT in the movie) right before he smashes his head through the window.

"Starting defense! Place at the table!"