Monday, August 6, 2007

Ye + Yao = Woah

Per NBC Sports this morning....

BEIJING (AP) -- Yao Ming married his long-term girlfriend Monday at a swanky hotel in his hometown of Shanghai.

Yao, the Houston Rockets' star center, tied the knot with Ye Li, a 6-foot-2 player on the Chinese women's basketball team in a ceremony at the Shangri-La Hotel, reported.

Ok, so the 7 foot 6 inch tall Yao....married a 6 foot 2 inch tall WOMEN's basketball player? Holy $ tall are these friggin' kids going to be? That should just be illegal. This family could breed the next generation of NBA All-Stars. I'm sure by age 5, their kid will tower over me and absolutely burger me if I tried to do a lay up. Here's to an entire family of Gheorghe Muresan's running around the world. My Giant: The Next Generation.

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