Monday, August 6, 2007

Punky Power Turns 31 Today

Happy Birthday to Punky Brewster....uhh...I mean Soleil Moon Frye. Some fun facts about Soleil come courtesy of Wikipedia:

Around the same time she was starring in Punky Brewster, Frye's voice was also heard in one episode of "The Real Ghostbusters".

She co-starred alongside Sarah Chalke in "I've Been Waiting For You", loosely based on the novel Gallows Hill by Lois Duncan.

She played Robin, a stuck-up girl, in a 4th season episode of "Saved by the Bell". In 1990, she also played a romantic interest, Mimi Detweiler, to Fred Savage's character in an episode of "The Wonder Years".

Frye appeared in "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch" as Roxy for the final three years of the show's run (2000 - 2003). The show starred Melissa Joan Hart, who had auditioned for the part of Punky Brewster years before. Frye once auditioned for the series "Charmed", a dramedy about a trio of witch sisters.

She also guest-starred as Katie in the series "Friends" in the episode 'The One with the Girl who Hits Joey'.

In 2001, she debuted on the Disney Channel show "The Proud Family" as a voice talent. She is currently voicing the character of Jade in the "Bratz" animated series.

At age 15, Frye had breast reduction surgery due to breasts that were disproportionately large for her age and frame. The surgery was intended to reduce back pain and was documented in a cover story for 'People Magazine'.

So Punky Brewster had breast reduction surgery at the age of 15? Those things must have been absolutely enormous. I'm still not sold on whether I think this chick is hot or not. Some pictures you find have her looking insanely hot, while others have her looking like a chick that works at your local Friendly's. Which is the real Punky? Somewhere, Henry Warnimont just took another pill of Viagra, and sat back in his rocking chair with no pants on.


punky brewster said...

whoever ridin dirty is is absolutely a terrible blogger. get him outta there. he sucks. go ride up the dirty trail of a man's ass you stiff.

Simply Suds said...

Ridin Dirty didn't write this. I did. I want some Punky comments.

As for the hatred surrounding Ridin Dirty, where's the love? We're all perverts here.

screech said...

i dont care who wrote it. hes terrible. strike three. hes gone. and punky brewster sucks. get me some before and after titty pictures and maybe we could talk.

Simply Suds said...

How can I post a picture of her at 15? I may do and say a lot of things...but unfortunately that's just illegal.

dikembe mutombo said...

if theres grass on the field play ball!!!

Anonymous said...

More Nina Moric!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I know Ridin' Dirty pretty well. He is a pretty funny guy. Give him a shot. He won't let you down. Simply Suds is the best though!

Dirty Douchebag said...

Ridin' Dirty is an absolute pickle. i'm pretty sure i don't know this clown, but (1) he's not funny; and (2) he seems to have a big mouth that needs to have a fist slammed into it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Ridin' Dirty is stirring the pot of emotions.