Wednesday, August 8, 2007

How's About A Hawaiian Punch......Suuureeee!!!!

The boys at have managed to find another gem. I mean, this lady gets punched so friggin' hard in her mouth, I can't believe she didn't go down like Glass Joe in Round 1. If you turn your sound up, you can hear the ferocity with which this blow lands. Damn! I bet they were arguing over who's daughter was a bigger whore, or who's pie should have come in first at the local fair. Let's move this lady onto the second round versus the Raiders/Chargers fans. Right now I have the line set at -190 for the lady I've nicknamed "The Hard Hammer."

***Much thanks to Herbie Hancock for finding this clip for me.


Anonymous said...

Great find! Hilarious!

Chieftain said...

Unbelievable video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you guys ripped this off yesterday. thats not cool. get some of your own material.

Anonymous said...

this whole website is turning into ripped off material.

Chieftain said...

Listen asshole...we get emails all the time (from readers) giving us videos and/or blog worthy information. If the email doesn't indicate where he/she found the video, then we can't indicate where we got it from. You have no clue what you're talking about.

For the record, we give credit where credit is due almost all the time...unlike 90% of the blogs that are out there.

As far as stories, we're not ESPN/NBC/CBS/ABC...are we supposed to make up our own stories???? You sound stupid. The purpose of a blog is to provide your own opinion on the particular post that is being made.

Your jackass comment falls upon deaf ears.

Chieftain said... me crazy, but I definitely don't see this video on

mr. anonymous said...

i a cubicle sitter myself, i go to all the gossip websites daily cuz i have no life. there is only so much material to talk about and it is nearly impossible to be the "first one" to report about it. if you think the material is ripped off, then dont come to the win column. by the way, that lady getting hit is one of the most amazing videos ive ever seen. she gets f*ckin clocked right in the mouth. ive been watching it over and over all morning.

Chieftain said...

I've watched this clip 100 times - and it gets better with every viewing.

Hawaiian Punch!