Thursday, August 9, 2007

Tweet Tweet, Mothaf*cker

Trust me...I'd prefer to write my opinions about a particular sport/subject, but other than Barry Bonds, there is nothing newsworthy in sports this week. Nothing! For that reason, I'm forced to post YouTube videos all day. In the blogging world, videos are viewed as a "lazy man's post". For that, I apologize...but, for the time being, these videos are going to have to suffice.

Anyways, I'm not making this post because a useless bird/pigeon died. Been there, done that (i.e., Randy Johnson). No, I'm posting this because of that queer's reaction. Yes, the queer in the John Stockton shorts! Is he serious with those things?? So, readers...what's worse -- the queer's outfit or his reaction?

Also, random question...does PETA protest and/or make a big deal out of these types of situations? If so, you can consider me a proponent of the "People Eating Tasty Animals", a parody of the original PETA that was originated by Mike Doughney in 1996.

For the record, HOLLYWOODTUNA didn't originally find this video (as some of you may or may not claim), but they did link it to another non-English site. Because it's not in English...guess what?? I'm not giving them credit - after all, don't they know that THE WIN COLUMN only cares about the English language and nothing else? Who makes the rules? I DO!

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