Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Joe Torre Has Lost It

As I promised yesterday, I would further explain why Joe Torre is no longer the right man for the job in NY. And, no...I'm not overexaggerating because of the Yanks' recent skid. Last October, I was positive that Mr. George Steinbrenner III was going to lower the hammer on Torre -- after he displayed one of the worst managerial jobs in recent memory against the Tigers, the heavy underdog in the series. Sh*t...how do you explain benching Jason Giambi in the playoffs?? Only to follow this dumbfounding decision up by benching Gary Sheffield vs. Kenny Rogers. I don't care if Sheffield wasn't 100%. It's Gary Sheffield, for Christ's sake...his bat wiggle is enough, in-and-of itself, to make "The Gambler" sh*t himself on the mound!! And, let's not forget the fact that Torre batted A-Rod 8th in the deciding game. 8th!!! This is the same A-Rod which may very well be the greatest player in ever play the game, when it's all said and done.

Onto this season...there is no single manager whom is worse at managing a bullpen. Seriously, Torre is worse at managing a bullpen than Theo is at constructing one. Why? For starters, Brian Bruney is the Yankees' second best reliever. I can see this...everyone can see this! Why can't Torre?? As the bullpen is currently constructed, Bruney is no better than 6th on Torre's depth chart (behind Rivera...and the lowly likes of Vizcaino, Farnsworth, Proctor, and friggin' Mike Myers). If I could, I would knee Torre in the nuts -- he deserves nothing less.

Moving on...why the hell does Torre ALWAYS feel the need to pinch-run for Giambi in the later innings of games??? Especially, when the Yanks hold the lead!!! Giambi no longer plays 1st base, so it's not for defensive purposes. This move almost always comes back to haunt the Yankees. Yet, Torre has yet to grasp this notion. In all seriousness, it seems like Torre has developed a severe case of Alzheimer's in the past 3 years. He's has become an idiot!!

Another thing...at the start of this season (for that matter, the past several seasons), Yankee starters have been dropping like flies. Yet, for some unknown reason...Torre has felt the need to pitch Andy Pettitte TWICE as a reliever already. TWICE!!! It's mid-April. With the exception of Wang (when healthy), Pettitte is the Yanks' second most reliable starter -- but, he's also getting up there is age. Why would you further risk injury?? I don't care that it was only 9 pitches (that he came in for on Sunday's game). If that was the case, then why the hell did you lift him after 6.1 innings (and only 100 pitches)? With the exception of Varitek's 4th inning HR, Pettitte had been mowing down the Sox!!

Last point of my rant (for the time being)...Melky Cabrera is absolutely lost at the plate this season. No if's, and's, or but's about it. Yet, Torre continues to play him EVERY SINGLE game. Wake up, Torre -- Kevin Thompson should be the Yanks' 4th OF right now. Melky deserves to be at AAA until he can figure out his swing. He looks terrible!!! Instead, Cabrera has 70 AB's thus far -- compared to Thompson's 8 AB's. Makes sense, right??? NO!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

agreed on all points except the fact that A-Rod is a pickle. Regardless of his ridiculous numbers this season he is batting something absurd like .108 in the postseason. AND, in particular last postseason he stunk worse than the chicks Chieftain hooked up with last week. So throwing A-Rod in the 8 spot was absolutely the right move. In the postseason you play to win and go with the hottest players. you certainly don't rest a cap on someone's laurels and hope everything works out. Chieftain, get your head out of your a$$