Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Looking to go 5-0 on my Locks of the Day

A good win by the Indians last night to bail me out. Much thanks to "Pronk" and the boys for getting the W in extra innings. A lot of people aren't going to like my lock of the day today....but I am going with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays at +155 to get another W against the struggling Yankees tonight. Wang is on the hill for the Yankees in his season debut....I have to think his control will be off, and he'll miss some spots....plus, he'll be on a limited pitch count in his debut. Crawford, Baldelli, and Delmon Young will have a field day when Wang makes a mistake. Sure, the Yankees could hit Kazmir as well....but he's a stud....and studs get it done when it counts.

Go Devil Rays!

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Chieftain said...

You're lit, buddy. The only stud SP in this game is Wang.