Monday, April 23, 2007

Chase Wright Doesn't Belong

First and foremost...the Yanks - Sox recent series. WHO CARES????? It's April 23rd! For the same reason Sox fans dismiss A-Rod's ridiculous April, alike Yankees fans dismiss a meaningless 3 game set in mid-April. 145 games remain!!! The Yankees have won 9 consecutive AL East titles -- why would this year be any different?? Is it because 60% of their staff is currently disabled?? Ohhhhh that didn't happen in 2005 (see Aaron Small, Shawn Chacon, and Sidney Ponson). I mean, seriously...did anyone expect the Yankees to win this past series -- and if so, did you see the slated matchups?? It was an obvious mismatch...if the Sox didn't take 2 of 3, it would have been an embarrassment over on Yawkey Way.

Anyways, Chien-Ming Wang (the second best pitcher in the AL) triumphantly returns tomorrow -- and immediately should provide the Yanks' rotation which some sort of semblance.

However, the real issue at hand that I wish to discuss is Chase Wright. It's not that I dislike his stuff (although, his stuff is sub-par)'s that I seriously question his fortitude. He has no balls!'re playing the Red Sox -- Manny & JD just tattooed you for 2 tape measuring shots...what are you going to do??? The answer is obvious...YOU DRILL A 2-SEAMER RIGHT IN BETWEEN MIKE LOWELL'S SHOULDERS!! Instead, you put the next pitch on a tee???'ve just given up back-to-back-to-back jack's against your hated rival -- you're one bad pitch away from making the record books (for all the worst reasons)...what are you going to do?? I DON'T WANT TO HEAR THAT YOU WANTED TO STAY AGRESSIVE AND TO CONTINUE CHALLENGING HITTERS. You're f'n head has been on a constant swivel - you just gave up a 3-run lead in stunning fashion. Everyone in the stadium expected this next pitch to be up by Jason Varitek's ear wax. Quite frankly, I don't care if a riot ensued on the field...and the end result landed Derek Jeter and/or Alex Rodriguez on the DL -- these are the unwritten rules of the game. You're 24 years old -- you've played the game your entire life. Know the game! Grow a pair! Stick up for yourself! I'm still stunned...

Also...anyone that knows me knows that I definitely led the "fire Joe Torre" stigma last winter. He is no longer the right man for the job - it's painfully clear (as I'll eventually discuss after I get some shut eye).

One more thing...Dice-K is vastly overrated. And if you don't believe me, then you're sporting blinders. With the exception of the 2006 version of Josh Beckett, I have NEVER watched a pitcher leave more balls up in the zone than Dice-K.

And, yes...I know I earlier mentioned that this past series meant next-to-nothing. However, I must admit...I'm still steamed and highly irritable this afternoon. The only thing that is getting me through the day is knowing that I went for the hat trick (in terms of chicks) this past weekend in Sin City...


Anonymous said...

dice is completely overrated and i cant agree more that he leaves pitches up constantly

Anonymous said...

Waaaaa waaaaaaa its only April....waaaaaa waaaaaa....we've got a depleted staff....waaaaa aaaaa.

And you say that Chase Wright needs to grow a set? He's a big league pitcher and last time I checked, you probably peaked in Babe Ruth.

Smarten up.