Monday, May 21, 2007

Still Don't Think Reggie Bush is an Underachiever??

Well, word is that Kim Kardashian has broken it off with Bush................for Scott Scorch. Don't bother apologizing -- I already accept your sincere apologies (for ever doubting my professional opinion).

Liza Minelli and David Gest, anyone??


Anonymous said...

is he wearing chieftain's glasses?

Anonymous said...

oh wait....those are actually simply suds' mistake

Anonymous said...

I love that they are passing her around like a blunt at the Watertown House!! Scott Scorch is a fucking pimp, first Christina Aguuilera, now Kimy! HAHA!

Simply Suds said...

Hey anonymous, eat my a$$.

Chieftain, what is your problem with Kim K? She's friggin hot. Who cares if she gets pounded all the'd probably spend your entire night at the bar trying to get a girl like this to come home with you (unsuccessfully).

You don't like her cuz she got peed on? In my eyes, she's a lot cooler because of that. But hey, that's the difference between us. I'll take the freak any day of the week.