Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Newsflash: AROD still a sh*tbum pickle...

I can't believe there has been no posts about this to date, so I feel this has to be addressed. I'm sure most people reading this watched the Sox/Yanks game on Tuesday, and witnessed the atrocity AROD pulled while sliding into second base during the eighth inning. If you didn't get a chance to see this, here's what happened. While sliding into second base, in an attempt to break up a double play, AROD (after sliding and while in the process of pulling up) threw an elbow at Pedroia. Not only is this the biggest bush-league move I've seen in majors since AROD slapped Arroyo's hand, but to make matters worse after starting to walk away AROD then turned and threw his purse at the back of Pedroia's head and scurried back to his dugout!

After thinking about this all day I can only come up with two conclusions. Either AROD is clinically retarded or he's the dumbest guy on the planet. For a guy that is so image-conscious, he continuously sh*ts all over his image by being a pickle on and off the field. Pedroia had this to say about the incident:

“He went in late and kind of threw an elbow,” Pedroia said. “It was a little cheap but no big deal. I’ll remember. I play second base. I’ve got to turn two with the Yankees 19 times a year, so I know now when he’s coming in, my (arm) slot gets dropped to the floor. That’s it.”

Normally, I would call foul on a rookie calling out a veteran, but in this case I like his attitude. Plus, you don't normally find such bush league moves coming from a veteran....go figure. I hope Pedroia thows a rocket right between his eyes right after AROD takes first base after getting drilled by Schill. The Yankees are a mess.

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