Tuesday, May 22, 2007

This is What I Call First-Class Service

Credit to FanHouse for locating this story:

Denny McClain is a lot of things...
  • Hall of Famer
  • The last pitcher to win 30 games in a season
  • A convict
  • A recovering alcoholic
  • And these days, a blogger -- the former Tigers pitcher is now writing for the Britannica Blog, where he touched upon the Josh Hancock tragedy by looking at how players treated alcohol in his heyday.

Our '68 team had a number of heavy drinkers and several who were serious problem drinkers. In fact, Norm Cash, my roommate Ray Oyler, and our manager, Mayo Smith, all died prematurely and all three were alcoholics. The best place to get high on booze was a Major League clubhouse.

When I was a rookie on the Tigers, we were traveling on a DC-6, a four-engine propeller airplane and the First Class section of the plane was in the rear, away from coaches, managers, and others who didn't need to know. The section had a round card table and a couch around it for about six guys and a United Airlines blanket. Many a willing stewardess found her way under the blanket with one of her drunken sporting heroes. You would be shocked at who made their way under the blanket. Good times were had by many, and "United" was certainly an appropriate name for our plane because there was a fair amount of "uniting" going on thanks to the lowering of inhibitions due to alcohol.

And this, Simply Suds, is why I'd prefer to be an all-star professional athlete rather than a hippy musician. If worked appropriately, athletes are heroes both on and off the field. Guaranteed contracts...guaranteed a$$.


Simply Suds said...

Chieftain, I'd rather be an athlete too...but while getting head on an airplane sounds like fun...read a few chapters of the Motley Crue autobiography and read about what took place back stage. I'm talking 7 on 1 orgies, and many a props used.

Anonymous said...

they needed 7 chicks for tommy lee....1 chick to eat his ass and 6 chicks (12 hands) beating down his 2 foot hog.