Friday, May 25, 2007

New Campaign: Reali for Sportscenter!

Its my opinion that all the anchors currently on Sportscenter are complete and utter stiffs. I’m tired of sitting down and trying to eat dinner and trying to get caught up on the days sporting news and continually getting grossed out and losing my appetite by Stuart Scott’s gross eye. Do you remember the days of Rich Eisen, Craig Kilborn, Kieth Olberman….these guys were on point. Not only did you get the highlights, but these guys were witty, knowledgeable and overall presented themselves well. Now Sportscenter is dribble. Too many human interests stories, ridiculous stats that don’t mean anything, and its almost to the point where I don’t even want to watch it anymore because its not worth it (and it kills me to say that).

A bigger issue, that I won’t to get into in this post but will soon, is that ESPN is no longer only about showing stats and highlights in essence….they’re no longer all about sports. They’ve gotten too big for their britches. I feel the same way about MTV. Its not all about music anymore. Now some of you idiots actually watch ridiculous shows like The Real World, Two A Days, Laguna Beach and all that other smut meant directly for 13-16 year old girls…..AND THAT’S FINE…. .I just don’t want it on a station dubbed MUSIC TELEVISION!!!!! To date, there is not a station out there devoted specifically for music worth watching…although the Tube Network comes close….but I’m getting off the topic.

To bring Sportscenter back to its glory days I feel that there is only one guy in the ESPN family that can do this. With that said, I want to start a formal campaign to get Tony Reali on Sportscenter. I think he embodies all the qualities that I mentioned above, in which the anchors during the glory days of Sportscenter had. PTI and Around the Horn are probably my favorite two shows on ESPN currently and I feel Reali’s talents are being wasted. I, for one, think he is the sole person that could save Sportscenter……is there any agreement out there on this, or am I way off base?


Simply Suds said...

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Anonymous said...

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Simply Suds said...

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