Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Curtis "My Favorite" Martin to Announce He's Hangin' Up the Spikes

An article in today's New York Post states that former New England Patriots and current New York Jets running back Curtis Martin will announce his retirement later this week. Martin is doing the classy thing here and voiding the final two years of his contract in 2008 and 2009 where he was set to earn millions, and will reduce his 2007 salary from $3.25 million to the NFL veteran minimum salary of $820,000. Martin hasn't been active on a game day since Week 13 of the 2005 NFL season (ironically, against the Patriots in New England) due to a chronic bone-on-bone knee condition.

Curtis, let me be the first member of The Win Column to thank you for your three years of service here in New England. You were an absolute beast in 1995 and 1996, and helped get the Patriots back to their first Super Bowl since the 1985 season. Martin's career numbers are absolutely sick:

168 career games (166 started)
3518 rushing attempts
14,101 rushing yards - 4th All-Time
10 straight 1,000 yard rushing seasons (matched only by Barry Sanders)
4.0 Yds/Rush Avg.
100 Total Touchdowns (90 rushing, 10 receiving)

A first ballot Hall-of-Famer when eligible in 2011, and a total class act on the football field....Curtis Martin did it all the right way. Hopefully, he stays within the game of football to show some of the degenerates, that currently play, the right way to carry themselves within the lines.



Joseph said...

I concur with your astute opinion Simply Suds. Well stated. Let me also add that he was a 3rd rounder after not playing his senior season at Pitt and now on his way to the Hall.

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