Monday, July 23, 2007

Lester Will Be Sick

I'd like to wish Jon Lester all the best tonight as he faces a potent Indians lineup that is probably as attractive to pitchers as Suds is to a good looking girl. Not even a full year has gone by since Lester was diagnosed with a treatable form of anaplastic large cell lymphoma, and I think its completely remarkable what he's done in the past 11 months to bring himself and his game back on point. So good for you Lester, all the hard work and determination is paying off.

Not only is this a great human interest story but, as a Sox fan, we need Lester to be the stud that we saw glimpses of last year. Let's not forget that in 15 starts last year, he went 7-2. Looking forward to the next 4-5 years, Boston will have one of sickest young starting rotations - and Lester will hopefully be a big part of that. As longs as he has his change-up and curve working tonight and keeps his pitch count down, he'll be lights out. So go get 'em Lester, we're all behind you and I'm sure you won't disappoint. By the by, any takes that Lester will pick off Grady Sizemore if he does get on base?



Anonymous said...

size large bets on lester tonite. only the 4th time all season boston is the underdog.

Chieftain said...

"As long as he has his change-up and curve working tonight and keeps his pitch count down, he'll be lights out."

Wow, this might be the worst analysis of all-time. Worse than Tim McCarver. Worse than Joe Morgan.

Enjoy Lester's performance tonight for the few innings that he lasts, as he's sure to not make another start for the Sox this year. Great story, but he sucks! Terrible placement.

Can you say trade bait?? Tonight is purely for showcasing purposes.


Anonymous said...

why wouldnt he make another start even if he gets shelled?

Chieftain said...

You're right - he'll probably make 2 starts...until Schilling comes off the DL (which should be next week).

Clay Buchholz is a THOUSAND times the pitcher Lester is. Both right now and in the future.

Anonymous said...

LESTER looked pretty good Chieftain???!!!

Chieftain said...

I'm genuinely happy for him and his family.