Friday, July 27, 2007

Happy Birthday, A-Rod!

Alex Rodriguez turns 32 today! A-Rod is a baseball god. This post serves as proof.

In 12 seasons, A-Rod has been honored as an AL All-Star 11 times...the one year he didn't make cut was 1999 -- after all, he only batted .285 and only slugged 42 HR's and 111 RBI's that year...all while playing SS, the "power" position that it's not.

For his career, A-Rod's 162 game average is as follows:

.306 AVG
44 HR's
127 RBI's
128 Runs
191 Hits
22 SB's
.964 OPS

Again, that's his "average" 162-game season. Amazing.

...If he hits 1 more "A-bomb" before June 29, 2008, he will become the youngest player ever to hit his 500th home run, breaking the record Jimmie Foxx set in 1939. Bottom line, Rodriguez is going to hit 800+ home runs (assuming health).
  • 2 MVP's (runner-up twice, and top 15 in voting another 6 times...not including his inevitable MVP this year)

  • 2-time Gold Glove winner (likely winner at 3B this year - as he's been stellar in the field, only collecting 6 errors to-date)

  • Member of the 40/40 Club (42 HR's and 46 SB's in the age of 22)

  • 1996 - AL Batting Champ, AL Runs Leader, AL Doubles Leader, AL Total Bases Leader (all at the age of 20)

  • 1998 - AL Hits Leader

  • 2001 - AL Home Run Champ, AL Runs Leader, AL Total Bases Leader, AL Extra-Base Hits Leader,

  • 2002 - AL Home Run Champ, AL RBI Title, AL Total Bases Leader

  • 2003 - AL Home Run Champ, AL Slugging Percentage Leader, AL Runs Leader,

  • 2005 - AL Home Run Champ, AL Slugging Percentage Leader, AL OPS Leader, AL Runs Leader

  • Owns nearly every power record a major league SS can hold -- Runs in a season, extra-base hits in a season, highest slugging percentage in a season, total bases in a season, HR's in a season

...But, you're all right -- he's not clutch??? He's only a career .280 postseason hitter -- and this year, he's only batting .519 with 7 HR's in the 9th inning alone! Yes, you read that correctly...I said .519!

When it's all said and done, Alex Rodriguez will be viewed as the best baseball player in the history of the game. Better than Babe Ruth. Better than Willie Mays. Better than Ted Williams. Better than Barry Bonds.

His entrance music? Baby Boy's "The Way I Live". Keep on keepin' on, A-Rod -- we are all witnessing history...


Simply Suds said...

How are you going to ruin a nice post that contains girls sharing passionate tongue darts with a homo-erotic post about your man love for AROD? That's fucked up man.

RhodyTrojan said...

Did you feel the same way when he was on Texas and Seattle?

If you honestly did then good for you, however I think that is probably not the case. A-rod is the best player in the game bar none and with any luck will become the HR king erasing Lytle's boy from the record books.. but jesus man take it down a notch..

Wonder if the D'spin guys will get a hold of this one?

Anonymous said...

Ok enough is enough. You like A Roddddddd we get! Listen you really are at the point where you have 2 choices here, you can either jump out of the "ghey closet" or you can strap on a pair of roller blades, head on down to P-town and skate yourself right into an AIDS tree. Grow up Peter Pan!

Chieftain said...

This above comment is the funniest one to-date. Hysterical. And, I'm being dead serious.