Thursday, July 26, 2007

Elijah Dukes In Hot Water Again

Thats right, folks. Here at The Win Column, Elijah Dukes is certainly a favorite. Only a few months ago he was sky-rocketing to the top of our A-list, alongside Mike Tyson, but recently he seemed to get his act together and became increasing more boring. However, after being transferred to Triple-A and put on the temporary inactive list, he now has more 'free' time to re-discover his old self and get back into some of his old habits.....namely harassing the hell out of his estranged wife. A story coming out of With Leather ( is reporting that on Monday, NiShea Dukes told deputies her husband and a woman associated with him made harassing phone calls to her. Because there was a Domestic Violence Injunction filed last time ole' Elijah tried to get some quality time with said wife, this might spell trouble for him. He could get a misdemeanor charge for violating the injunction or possibly face felony aggravated stalking charges.

First of all, I'd like to get a clear definition of what NiShea is calling harassment. Who among us hasn't called their ex-flame late at night after they've had an all night hump fest with a younger, hotter chick just to let them know about it. Maybe he had a legitimate question to ask her, like trying to find out if he left his other khaki pants over there? Either way, keep up the good work Elijah....we missed you pal.



Anonymous said...

the biggest black with the whitest name....oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

i agree....ive never seen a black dude named elijah before. in fact, isnt elijah synonymous with gay? well if thats the case, then he is screwed cuz a black homo is in some trouble.