Friday, July 27, 2007

What Do You Think?

I was watching a Red Sox game from 2004 tonight, where Pedro was pitching an absolute gem. My first thought, while watching the game, was that he is an absolute Hall of Famer. So it got me thinking, what other active pitchers are going to be inducted into the sacred grounds of Cooperstown?

I say, the no-brainers are Clemens, Maddux, Smoltz, Hoffman, Pedro, and Rivera. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few obvious picks, but I'm drunk, and that is what the readers are point out my mistakes.

There are a bunch of pitchers that are borderline, in my opinion. Schilling, Randy Johnson, Tom Glavine, etc. I refuse to include any young pitchers who may, or may not, turn out to be incredible arms. My question is... who has proved themselves worthy of the Hall? Do you agree with my no-brainers? What are your thoughts about my questionables (and feel free to throw some more out there)? And how much do the Yankees suck?



Donkey said...

Glavine and Big Unit are first ballot locks. Schilling is first ballot for the hall of fame of douchebags (he may get the real hall over time, but he's not first ballot material).

Chieftain said...

RJ is one of the best/most dominant lefties in the history of baseball.

Smoltz is in, but both RJ and Glavine have had much better careers.

RhodyTrojan said...

Schilling as of right now.. no way

Petey was the most dominant pitcher for 5-6 years but since.. no.. so I have to say no

RJ (SC alum alert) is in..

as are Glavine and Smoltz

as far as pitchers go, it is really tough other than these to say for certain who is going from the current breed (all of the above are in the twilight)...

Santana, Holliday as long as they do not blow something out are pretty much on their way

Chieftain said...


Pedro is an absolute lock for 1st ballot. The only SP to have a better prime EVER was Sandy Koufax.

Schilling is not in.

Halladay is 30, only has 106 wins, and gets injured every year. No chance.

As a side not...huge Clemens supporter, but he's taken more juice than Bonds has ever taken.

Also, why does no one ever mention Daniel Cabrera's name with steroids?? Just a few years ago, he was the skinniest player in the league. Now? He's a friggin' monster.

Simply Suds said...

Nobody has been as dominant as Pedro was during 1997-2004 in the last 40 years. He will moon walk into the hall of fame. I don't care if he never pitched before, what he did in the 1999 ALDS...coming in from the bullpen to throw a no-hitter for six innings, was pure magic.

I'm glad I was blacked out in my dorm room off 22 Busch Lights to see it.

Anonymous said...

im pretty confident kei igawa is heading to the hall also.

Simply Suds said...

Only if he wears those sunglasses. What a fuckin' loser.