Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I'd Make a Better Presidential Candidate than John Edwards

Not to get all political (I'll be honest, it's not my specialty), but I watched nearly every second of last night's 2+ hour Democratic debate...and feel compelled to interject (Puffy's new favorite word on Making the Band) a few quick objective points (as I'm neither a registered Democrat nor Republican).
  • John Edwards is an idiot. His entire MO is that he truly believes that he is privy to specifics. One problem...his "specifics" are entirely off kilter. Essentially, he provided America with a generic corporate response to every question...with bold twists at the end, comments that he hadn't even convinced himself of. John Edwards is tough to watch - everything about him is awkward.

  • Hillary Clinton owned last night's debate, from start to finish. If body language could speak a thousand words, it's clear that every Democratic nominee already knows this. Her tone and presence dominated the stage...this is how pathetic her Democratic competition is. She is feared by her Democratic opponents. She was given lay-up after lay-up...primarily because of the sheer incompetence her current competition possesses. Joe Biden was her only competition last night, as he demonstrated a wealth of knowledge surrounding all military matters.

  • Barack Obama doesn't answer questions. He dances around everything. To the uneducated, this may work - as he tends to throw in a few big words here-and-there. And, did anyone hear his response when asked what he would do in the event of simultaneous attacks?? He wilted! He might as well have gone in "timeout" and cried. FAR TOO INEXPERIENCED.

Why isn't the Republican debate not until mid-September???


Anonymous said...

As politics is my specialty, please allow me to interject....

first of all, with regard to John Edwards, I would strongly suggest he's not an idiot; however, with that said, he sure as hell looks very uncomfortable "debating." And last night was far from a debate - it was essentially question and answer with little interchange among the participants (except for Mike Gravel).

Second - Hillary and her staff have run a flawless campaign - from media leaks to the sparse appearences of Billy Boy. Her "owning" last nights debate had more to do with her experience than it did her competition. I dare say that her competition is far from pathetic (with the exception of Gravel and Kucinich): Edwards (multi-term senator, ex-veep candidate), Chris Dodd (senior senator), Richardson (one of the most prolific, efficient, and effective governors in modern history), Biden (senator for over 30 years, many committee chairs), Obama (rymes with Osama). Hillary and her campaign have not only continuously projected a "presidential appearance" but have soften her up from when her critics called her cold, all while not comprising her strength, despite being a woman candidate.

Obama - not only did he start off last night's debate with a clear lie (that he doesn't accept PAC $$ or lobbylist $$ - Gravel called him out and then Obama later kind of sorta admitted he did accept some hedgefund money) but he missed a huge lay up question when asked if he was "black enough." Instead of debating the stereotype of what is black and how that itself is the problem, he entirely sidestepped the question. If that wasn't enough - before thinking, he answered the questions affirmatively when asked whether he would been with the "axis of evil" leaders.

Ladies and gentleman - be put on notice now - Hillary has about a 15% lead in national poles, and by the time the others drop out the race her lead will grow by at least 10% (she'll get the support of Biden, Dodd, Edwards, Richardson) b.c she has played it smart and not alienated her competition! Enter Slick Willy - after the democratic nomination is complete, and you have a tidal wave of support and public approval that should carry her to a general election victory.

Anonymous said...

The GOP YouTube debate isn't until mid september b/c the GOP primary is later than the Democratic primary

Anonymous said...

I can't think of anything worse than if Hillary becomes President.

1. She's a socialist.
2. She's a woman.
3. She's a socialist woman.

Give me small government, low taxes, and a man to run the show, and we'll be A-Okay.

George Walker Bush said...

Why can't I just be President for another 4 years? We need to get the evil do'ers. I have many more people to kill on my list.

Anonymous said...

We have small gov't, lower taxes and a man under Bush - are you A-Okay?

Anonymous said...

no, we're not A-Okay, but i stand by my original statement as a generality.

Anonymous said...

and i'd also argue that bush has expanded the reach of the government beyond what is generally deemed typical for the republican party.