Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Someone Needs to Put Their Training Wheels Back On

If you thought the NBA and MLB was having serious issues, imagine the World Series and NBA Finals being tarnished year after year after year. Imagine Michael Jordan being scrutinized after all of his titles for cheating...imagine Derek Jeter being kicked out of the World Series for doing something illegal. I'm talking like physically during the events here, people.

Thus, we arrive at the sport called cycling. Believe me, I could care less about the guys that ride their bikes up the Alps, or whatever they do. This sport is absolutely meaningless to me. But I'm sure that losers like Orlando will defend a sport they watch on TV, yet could never muster up enough endurance out of their resin filled lungs, to attempt to peddle to the liquor store.

However, Tour de France leader Michael Rasmussen has been stripped of his yellow jersey after the 16th stage....and I'm talkin' about the sport's biggest event, and probably the toughest physical sporting event in the world (I will admit that). Rasmussen had the Tour de France in the bag, but his own team decided to kick him out of the event, because they feel he lied about his whereabouts when he missed random drug tests in both May AND June. Granted, Rasmussen has been tested 17 times during the event, and I assume they are all negative...but to miss 2 random drug tests in the heart of his training session? Buddy, you were hittin' the sauce!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cycling is in absolute shambles. Lance Armstrong (the most celebrated athlete in the history of the sport) is hated around the world, because everyone thinks he used 'roids. Numerous cyclists have been kicked out of this Tour de France in the middle of the race for testing positive for performance enhancing drugs. Some guys are having blood transfusions to get more oxygen in their blood. The entire sport is tainted, and in my opinion, is a complete joke. Attention to the people that ride their 10 speeds extra fast for a rush, "GET A F*CKING GRIP ON YOUR SPORT!!!!!!!" Before the scandals, people still didn't give a damn about the Tour de France. Now, you are just putting the nail in the coffin for all us sports fans that could care less how many spokes you have on your Huffy. I hope a stick gets caught in all of your tires. Jerks.

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