Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just In Time for the Fantasy Baseball Playoff Push...


.....Down goes Chase Utley for 6 weeks with a broken hand he suffered this afternoon after being hit by a pitch in the 5th inning. A 1st round selection in most drafts, Utley hasn't disappointed. He's as big of a fantasy monster as they come at 2nd base:

.334 avg
17 HR
81 RBI
77 runs scored

I actually saw Utley get hit by John Lannan (making his MLB debut) while watching the baseball package today. Utley stared at Lannan, and I was sure he was going to make a break for the mound and pound Lannan's little head into the rosin bag. I was surprised. The Phillies were up by a's a rookie pitcher....why is Utley so mad????? Maybe it's because he won't be back until September, and we all know how bad the Phillies suck without Chase Utley. Should they fall out of the playoff can expect Utley to rest that hand until 2008.

Ryan Howard is the only bright spot left in the offense. He's a man on a mission. Another absolute monster shot to center field today, giving him 29 on the year. Watch the 2nd half this beast's gonna be ridiculous!!!!!!!!

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