Thursday, July 26, 2007

F*ck the *

So everyone thinks that Bonds doesn't deserve his place in the record books, right? Well, let me educate you all. Before I do, let me tell you that I believe that Bonds took steroids. But, this is America, innocent until proven guilty, right?

I was informed about a guy, named Pug Galvin, who was the first recorded case of performance enhancing substances. From what I have read, he started injecting monkey testosterone back in 1889. I'm not too sure if that made him a better player, but he is a Hall of Famer. Should there be an asterisk next to his name?

That brings me to my point. Maybe Bonds did cheat, (I fully believe he did) but does that mean his accomplishments should not be recognized? How do we know that everyone that we grew up idolizing didn't do something to help there game? Maybe Hank Aaron injected himself with some sort of animal hormones. Everyone knows that "Greenies" have been a part of baseball since Ruth's days (although all he needed was a little yayo to get over his hangover).

My point is, since the beginning of the game, people have been trying to get an advantage. We only hear about it now because technology has advanced to the point where we know what is in our "superstars" bodies. But, how do we know that Henry Aaron wasn't doing the exact same thing that Barry has been doing for the past 5 years? If we are going to crucify Barry, why not everyone else who has has an incredible record? Maybe Cal Ripken had a twin...


Lytedogg said...

My bad, there were pictures of Pug and Barry, but for some reason, I couldn't get them on here.

Chieftain said...


The pics weren't uploading, so I updated the post w/ another photo.

Anyways, this post is 100% spot on.

RhodyTrojan said...


Please go back top sleep on your couch... you would make more sense if you did that..

You are one of these clowns that believes "hey if one person does it.. then it is OK for everyone to do it". So you are saying that yep, he is enhanced, what is the big deal, everyone is? Can you actually confirm this, has every pitcher he faced in the past 5 years been on the juice...

Lets examine this a bit:

8 homers against Greg Maddux
8 against Terry Mulholland
8 against Chan Ho Park
8 against Schilling
8 against Smoltz
7 against Alan Ashby
7 against Denny Neagle....

5 against Greg Harris....

5 against Orel Hershieser

the list goes on and can be seen here:

yep all of them juicers

Then to talk about Aaron like that, just i

RhodyTrojan said...

just irresponsible

are there dirty players in the game, yep, but to say that hey.. its an even playing field is just stupid, a better argument would be that today's athlete are better since they have the resources (training, time off and the like ) to be better. Hell, Babe Ruth played barnstorming games in the off season, maybe that cut his career short (or it was the booze.. either way)

Lytedogg said...

RT, that was not my point at all. My point is that everybody makes Bonds out to be the antichrist, even though it is well documented that performance enhancers have been around in the game for a long, LONG time, and nobody questions the older players who hold records. There is obviously no way of knowing whether some Hall of Famers abused a few substances to enhance their game, but isn't that possible?

By the way, I never even mentioned an even playing field, I never said using steroids was OK, and I never claimed that the pitchers were enhanced (even though some obviously are). So your accusations are irresponsible. Maybe you are the one who needs to go to sleep. Maybe that will make your pea sized brain work a little better. Read the posts before you call me out.

RhodyTrojan said...

Go back to playing TW on your WII..

you said the following:

How do we know that everyone. that we grew up idolizing didn't do something to help there game? Maybe Hank Aaron injected himself with some sort of animal hormones. Everyone knows that "Greenies" have been a part of baseball since Ruth's days (although all he needed was a little yayo to get over his hangover).

If you were trying to use hyperbole to get your point across.. you did a pretty bad job at it (damn, there is that word job again, not too sure you know what that word means..) Bonds does himself no favors by being an absolute prick to everyone he meets, traipsing out his kid so that no one comes after him. The man has cheated, and this record is a farce (as were all of the HR records that have fallen in the past 15 years).

You are doing something that a good liberal would do, bob and weave, and deflect anything coming at you onto something else.. I thought you were better than that...

Oh yeah.. Hank Aaron, he did not have any extenuating circumstance hanging over him during his chase for the record either, if anything, in my mind that makes his accomplishments that much more impressive..

Anonymous said...

steroids or not...hes not the only one taking them i think we all agree no? but i dont see anyone else hitting homers like he does. regardless of steroids, and clearly they give him power like no other, and clearly a warning track fly ball now becomes a 10 rows deep homer, he is still a great player that should be a first ballot hall of famer. i think that this day in age has created a need for closure in any way possible. we have no closure. we have speculation, granted a strong strong speculation that he took riods. but nothing has come out to indict him or ban him or suspend him or anything. im not sure if mlb is just overlooking it for the sake of ratings, but barry bonds is still one of, if not the, greatest players of all time. this debate is sickening to listen to cuz the bottom line...who cares? guy took some roids probably at some point, the whole thing went down with balco, but he had already hit a million homers so it was too late to disregard his statistics. hes still hitting homeruns like an allstar hall of famer and i for one and happy that is going to break the record. at least now i have something interesting to look forward to seeing so that we can move on and not have to watch day in day out coverage about bonds. its getting old.