Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Kobe Video" Has Been Released

By now, I'm sure you've all heard about "The Kobe Video"...the 25 second clip that features Kobe discussing and dissing the Lakers organization with several strangers in a dining parking lot.

The terds over at The Kobe Video have held out a month to release this garbage????

Quite honestly, this video shows me next to nothing (to watch the video in entirety, follow the jump). Huge disappointment!!

Deadspin has located a photo of the supposed "Kobe Video" guys (see top photo above). Yep, herbs!

Anyways, I just caught up on the latest episodes of 'Entourage' last night -- is it me or is that guy on Kobe's left (our right) Billy Walsh???

Lastly, is the red Nike shirt that Kobe is wearing from the Tiger Woods collection?? It's the same shirt that Tiger's newly refined 'guns' unleashed upon the sporting world (at the US Open) just a few weeks back.

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Norman P. Orlando said...

nobody cares about kobe or this video. paul pierce is way better