Friday, June 29, 2007

I Love This Deal

I absolutely love the deal the Boston Celtics pulled off last night for the following reasons:

1. We became a competitive Eastern Conference playoff team.
2. We had to make a deal and either bring in a veteran or trade Pierce. If we draft a player in that position, the first losing streak forces Pierce to complain and ask for a trade. Then where are we? We would have a lot of young talent without knowing who would pan out.
3. We still have tremendous flexibility! Our main chips before the draft were the #5 pick, Theo Ratliff's contract, Big Al, and Gerald Green. We got a superstar and only gave up one blue chip! Are you kidding me!

Will we win a championship with this team as is?....Hell no. There is at least one more deal in place (we have to get rid of Theo). Look at next year, too. Pierce and Allen will still be nasty. Jefferson should be 10 times better, as should Gerald.

Needless to say, I am excited. My chubby is about the same size as the time I accidentally hammered my thumb! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going in the bathroom to wack off to either Ray Allen in a Celtics jersey or the hot 23-year-old, 4 month pregnant woman sitting accross from me! Happy Friday, you dildos.

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Anonymous said...

after the draft, i listened to sports radio for a while and i was disgusted with what i heard. every caller, every radio host, was bullshit about this trade. i couldnt believe it! are u kiddin me? danny ainge cant win. this trade is unbelievable. wally sucks and his career is done. hes gotta be the worst defensive player on the court and he was supposed to be a great shooter which he clearly isnt anymore. second, i like delonte but i am ok with him being traded. its ray allen for christ sake! all this talk about his age is horseshit and his ankles..horseshit. ainge...i think you did a hell of a job all while keeping big al and pierce in beatown. well done celts. cant wait til this season rolls around.