Friday, June 29, 2007

I Don't Know $hit About Hoops....

...But I am a math wizard. And I know that when you subtract Delonte, Jeff Green (#5 pick, suck my d*ck), and Wally (see ya when your 'Got 2 Be Glued' haircut finally lets loose you f*cking overpaid stiff, bum, c*nt), and add Ray Allen and "Big Baby" Glen Davis......I actually feel decent about the draft. Sure I don't know anything...but I like the shake up.

Anybody that knows me, knows that I sweat Ray Allen and he is on all of my fantasy hoops teams. Welcome home Jesus Shuttlesworth.....we love you.

P.S. I am super blacked out, and you can all suck my a$$. Bud Light 4 life.


Anonymous said...

He Got Game was a very underrated film... i think its definitely a top 5 sports movie.

Anonymous said...

jesus shuttlesworth is going to big state!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! papa shuttles is a free man!!!!!!