Saturday, June 30, 2007

Danny Ainge, Call Me...ASAP!

God, I really should be a GM...

Similar to how I was laughed at around the last NBA trade deadline when I suggested that the Celts peddle their (at the time) impending 2007 1st Round draft pick, Theo's expiring contract, and Gerald Green (who absolutely sucks at basketball) FOR Pau Gasol, I'm back to save the Celtics organization again!

Now, re-read that trade offer that I suggested, this past winter, after countless nights of analyzing every team's roster (and contracts). You're telling me you'd rather have Ray Allen over Pau Gasol??? If so, check yourself into the nearest clinic, as you're clearly delusional.

Why was I laughed at?? Sh*t, the C's had a 19.9% chance at saving their future...that being Greg Oden, and ONLY Greg Oden (Kevin Durant & Paul Pierce does not work as a tandem). Looking back on it, the odds proved to be consistent -- and, the C's obviously weren't granted the #1 pick. As expected. This is the problem with Boston fans -- they have NO CLUE (they want to give away nothing and, in turn, acquire everything). For just one minute, take your blinders off and ask yourself this...

Would you rather have 19.9% chance at Oden, or a slam-dunk in Gasol?? To me, it was (and obviously still is) a no-brainer. I was simply playing the percentages.

In hindsight (and in typical fashion), I come off looking like a genius...while the rest of Boston is wallowing around sucking their thumbs! But, have no fear...I'm back!

Danny - you want to move Theo's contract for another piece, right? THE PRIMARY TEAM YOU SHOULD BE IN DISCUSSIONS WITH IS THE DENVER NUGGETS, whom desperately need to slash payroll in the coming years (they are in salary cap hell).

Your targets?? Two players...Marcus Camby & Nene Hilario. When healthy, both are interior studs...both rebounding and defensive studs! Imagine that?? Exactly what the Celtics so desperately need.

The logistics...Theo is signed thru next year at $11.67M. Nene, 24, is signed for the next 4 the tune of $11M, $12.1M, $13.15, and $14.2M, respectively. Camby, 33, is due to earn $8M for the next 2 seasons, and $7.65M in 2009-10.

Nene would be the ultimate piece, as he is a YOUNG interior mainstay that the C's would be able to build with (both currently and in the future...with Jefferson). However, the C's also must take into consideration that Big Al's qualifying offer (of $3.47M) comes into play after this upcoming season. Thus, depending on the undetermined salary caps of the future, Celtics management would have to understand that Jefferson's next contract would likely place them above the cap for one season...that being 2009-10 (Ray Allen's last year under contract).

Camby?? I would absolutely fawn over such an acquisition. Yes, he's 33 and an injury risk...but, he's clearly not slowing down -- evidenced by the fact that he was just awarded the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award. When healthy (he played in 70 of 82 games this past season), Camby is as much of a defensive game-changer as Oden. Yes, you read that correctly.

So, here are the trade options:
  • Theo Ratliff's contract, Gerald Green, and either Sabastian Telfair/Ryan Gomes (Nuggets choice) FOR Nene Hilario & a throw-in (again, Nuggets choice)

  • Theo Ratliff's contract, Gerald Green, and their 2008 1st Round pick (with Camby, the Celts would certainly make the playoffs, so giving away this pick would be a no-brainer) FOR Marcus Camby & some stiff throw-in to make the salaries match (that may or may not end up being cut)

In turn, the Nuggets would then be MAJOR players in the trade market for the rest of the offseason...and thru the February '08 trade deadline.

Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Al Jefferson, Nene/Camby

...Ladies & gents -- that's your Eastern Conference champs.

Why is there no talk surrounding these names?????????

Danny, I can be reached at I'm awaiting your word as well as your job...


Sportspen said...

There has been talk on the airwaves (via WEEI) about trading for Camby. Great breakdown though and I would love to see Nene in celtic green.

The Commodore said...

Guy...we could still get gasol if we wanted! Camby would be huge though!

Lytedogg said...

Chieftan, I know I sh*t on you any chance I get, but (it pains me to say this), you are absolutely, 100% on point on this one. If we get Camby, I'm confident in our chances to go deep into the postseason.

Good analysis