Thursday, June 28, 2007

John Stamos Has Absolutely NOTHING on Ben Affleck

In a related story to a previous post that shows Full House star John Stamos completely sh*tcanned on camera the above video will prove that Stamos is a distant second to one, Ben Affleck, when it comes to being plastered in front of the camera. This interview was pulled from a Quebec talk-show where the host, Ann-Marie Losique, wanted to interview Affleck in the weeks leading up to the premiere of Jersey Girl. Affleck proceeded to put on one of the best displays of a 'full-court press' these eyes have ever seen. The interview took place on a Sunday morning, so I feel fairly confident in saying that Affleck was up all night boozin' because he is obviously three sheets to the wind in this video. This might be a good indicator as to why he had to check into rehab later on in 2004. Either way, I have waaaaaay more respect for Affleck after seeing this clip. Enjoy!



Chieftain said...

THIS IS INCREDIBLE!!! Great work, Norm.

Forget Woody Paige, how was Affleck not arrested after this interview??

Simply Suds said...

Holy shit. He definitely sealed the deal with this French-Canadian.

SlowStuff said...

After Affleck kissed JLo's sweet ass in her video for "Jenny from the block" I thaught Affleck was the man, now I know!