Monday, June 25, 2007

R.I.P. Rod Beck

The Win Column sends its thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of former baseball closer Rod Beck, who died suddenly at the age of 38 over the weekend at his home in Arizona. Beck earned 286 career saves with a mullet that just wouldn't quit. "Shooter" (as his friends would call him) had a taste for country music, cowboy boots, and lung darts. Beck pitched for the Giants (1991-97), the Chicago Cubs (1998-99), and the Boston Red Sox (1999-2001) before closing his career with the Padres (2003-04).

R.I.P Rod, you served us well in Boston, and it's sad we had to see you pass way too young.

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Anonymous said...

rod beck...a man of the people...a man who enjoyed cigarettes and beer....a man who wasnt afraid to grow his mullet out during the anti-mullet years (1999-present day). he stood strong in the face of mullet -haters. he didnt care that the sport he chose was baseball, not hockey, as a forum to show off his mullet. rumor has it, barry melrose is giving the eulogy as mullet proponents across the globe travel far and wide to say there goodbyes the man, the myth, the mullet connoisseur rod beck