Thursday, June 28, 2007

When In Doubt.........

You sign Shea Hillenbrand to address your problem at first base????????

According to Newsday this morning, the Yankees are hard after former Angels first baseman/DH Shea Hillenbrand.


Shea Hillenbrand is a stiff, bum, c*nt.....and not in that specific order. He could also be called a bum, c*nt, stiff, or a c*nt, stiff, bum. Holy $hit Yankees, you are getting really desperate. This guy is a club house cancer.

.254 AVG, a whopping 3 HR's, 22 RBI's, and 19 runs scored for an Angels team that generally scores a decent amount of runs. But just like he's done in every city his blond pubes have taken him, Shea gave us his best "wahhhhhhhh, wahhhhhh, I don't get enough playing time and now I want out of here....wahhhhhhhhhhh wahhhhhhhh."

Hey Shea, go f*ck yourself. You left Boston like a little b*tch, pissin' and moaning until they basically had to escort you and your collection of gay porn out onto Yawkee Way. You are a career .285 hitter.....with a pathetic .322 lifetime OBP, and an even bigger abortion with a lifetime .442 slugging percentage. In layman's friggin' suck buddy. You should go back to roping cattle and getting weird with sheep and goats on your ranch. You belong on the bench wherever you go, hence the fact that you pick splinters out of your a$$ in each city your miserable self ends up in. So go eat some Gerber Graduates and take a nappy.

Good looks on the possible pickup, Yanks. Wow.

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