Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Money" Mayweather to Smoke Hatton?

Following Ricky Hatton's, 28, recent defeat of Jose Luis Castillo, it comes as no surprise that Hatton is back to running his mouth. Hatton is now calling out the world's quickest human...none other than Floyd Mayweather, 30.

If set up, this fight would define boxing in 2008.

Today, Mayweather noted that he would sign a deal to fight (and beat) Hatton at the 147 welterweight division. Hatton (43-0) vs. Mayweather (38-0)??? Wow!!

"I was retired but I'll sign to fight Hatton right now. I've tried to let the things he said about me slide by, but now he's 'dissing' me on national TV and I want to shut him up. I've never wanted to hurt an opponent like I do Hatton.

"Ricky Hatton cannot fight. He throws one punch at a time and then holds. Hatton is the most overrated fighter of the last 25 years."

Amen, Floyd. You're preaching to the choir.

Hatton is supremely overrated. Plain and simple, Hatton is a dirty fighter. All he does is hold his opponent in the middle of the ring, thus, forcing them to the ropes. Once against the ropes, Hatton is able to smother his opponents. I've got news for you...there is NOBODY that can contain Mayweather's quickness. Mayweather would keep this fight in the middle of the ring, and would walk away with an easier victory than most would predict. Hatton's only chance of taking out Mayweather would be to land one of his patented "low blows"...hence, the term "dirty fighter".

Will this happen? We shall see, as Hatton is likely also mulling the idea of fighting Paul Malignaggi (at 140 lbs.) and/or Miguel Cotto (at 147 lbs).

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