Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Gilbert Arenas gets it. The 3-time All-Star is a great ambassador for all of sports, as he fully appreciates what defines the game...that's right, the fans!

As blogs are taking over the world, "Agent Zero" was early to the game. In what has become daily reading for me, Arenas' recent blog entry ( outlines the following...

...My fear that I was having was falling, that was my biggest fear – falling on my leg. Wouldn’t you know, we were riding on the freeway and I had to get off and go on the pike towards the airport and Crystal City. The people behind me were too close so I couldn’t break and I had to just jump the curb going at least 15 miles an hour.

Whoo! That wasn’t a pretty sight. I had grass stains and all sorts of stuff. I fell on my good leg so it was nothing to worry about. All the cars were stopping and asking, “You alright?” I was like, “Yeah, you know, my ego is hurt but that’s about it.”

I wasn’t wearing a bike helmet. The only people who wear bike helmets are 13-year old girls and Tony Hawk, but that’s skateboarding and he’s doing flips and stuff. I’m going straight. Ha, well I guess I did end up doing a flip off my bike, but it wasn’t a planned one.

Granted, I may be pulling at straws a little here, but I find Arenas' entries to be amusing. They're fun. They're fan-friendly. They're real.

I cannot reiterate enough how much I sweat the attitude and swagger that Arenas plays with. After all, it's clear that he thrives playing under criticism. Sh*t, he dons the number "0" because he was told in high school that he would "get 0 minutes at Arizona."

Fast forward to Arenas' sophomore season at Arizona, in which he lead the team in scoring. Following the season, Arenas received assurances that he would be a first-round pick. As a result, Gilbert declared for the NBA draft, bought himself a $55K Cadillac Escalade (and added more than $50K in accessories). He watched the draft from a hotel room in Marina del Rey, but when the first round passed without him being drafted, Arenas threw his newly purchased jewelry out the window, turned off the TV, called then-Arizona assistant Rodney Tention and cried.

When Tention told him that the Golden State Warriors drafted him No. 31, Arenas said: "That's the worst mistake the NBA has made. I'm going to the gym right now."

In closing, listen to this "lunatic's" (as Adonal Foyal describes him) perfect shoe commerical:

You know how I always throw my jersey into the stands after a game? In Washington, they just go crazy for it. So in this commercial, that's what I'm gonna do with my shoes. I've just hit a game winner, and I throw these shoes. Everyone starts to react, and you see everything in slow motion. Everyone's pushing, shoving, doing whatever it takes to try to get to these shoes. People from the 400 level, they're jumping off the ledge, they're missing the pile, hitting nothing but chairs, and you can just see in people's faces like, Ooooh, that hurt. While all this stuff's going on, one of the shoes pops out of the crowd, and a little girl gets it and she takes off. A couple of people see she has it, and they start chasing her, and she's looking back running—and then she gets clotheslined by a kid in a wheelchair. So he picks the shoe up and says (he's gonna have the only line in the commercial),"They said I couldn't get it. Heh. Impossible is nothing." And then he rolls off.


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