Monday, June 25, 2007

Do Sonic's Exist?

Granted, this is primarily a sports blog...but, I must pose a question that has been eating at me for some time now.

Are Sonic Restaurant's (if that's what you'd classify them as) a myth? To this day, I have never seen one. Where are they??? Yet, they run more commercials than any other current product.

Besides Root Beer Floats, what else do they serve? What are their go-to's?

Anyways, I'll end this rant by saying that whoever is running the Sonic show over there...must go! Sonic's endless universal commercials and mascots have provided them with a name brand, but the name brand cannot be located. When I eventually become an entrepreneur, I want my competitors to be run by the likes of Sonic upper management.


Anonymous said...

they're not real.

Anonymous said...

I've eaten at one in Charlotte, NC. Its fast food, but the servers bring your food to you in your car wearing roller skates (at this location, anyway)... kinda old school... food is better than McD's, Wendy's, or BK though. Breakfast and Lunch/Dinner both served all day long, too.

Anonymous said...

I had a blue slush and a burger at one in Greensboro, NC. Overall Rating GOOD.

Anonymous said...

rumor has it the commodore isnt going to nashville for school but is actually in search of a sonic. nightmare and the commodore got together for some of that wacky tabacky and before they knew it, 8 kids had agreed to make the trip with hopes of southern bell p*ssy and a juicy sonic burger. f*ck grad school...this kid wants a sonic do i my do i.

Hercules Rockefeller said...

There's a Sonic every five blocks in Denver.