Saturday, June 30, 2007

F-U B's

Ok, I understand that not too many people like the NHL anymore. I, however, am a diehard. I stuck with it through the strike, the rule changes, and about a thousand horrific seasons from my team, the B's. Now this might just push me over the edge.

We just made a trade for Manny Fernandez (for those of you who don't know, he is a goalie from the Minnesota Wild). How can a Mexican make our hockey team better? I could really give two frozen cat sh*itsicles about who we got rid of. We traded some Czek flamer named Petr, or Jarka, or Douchebag. I'm not really sure what his exact name is.

What I am sure about is the fact that I am heated right now. We just traded for a guy that is going to take up 10% of our salary cap. He might be a good goalie (I think he is mediocre), but there were other options. How about Martin Gerber? He is a 33 year old guy who shut out the Canadiens in a slugfest in the 2006 Winter Games. Granted, one game does not define your career, but it shows that he is a solid goalie, who could easily take the place of Tim Thomas.

Let's not forget that we have (according to everything that I have heard/read) an absolute stud goalie waiting in the wings in Tuuka Rask. He would have been our everyday tender last year, but he had to fulfill his obligation with the Finnish Army. So Basically, the B's just need someone to fill in while Tuuka becomes the next Patrick Roy (or for every B's fan, Rejean Lemelin).

I am sorry about this rant -- that most people don't care about, but I grew up watching the B's, and I get a little angry when our new GM (D-Bag von A-Hole) makes an idiotic trade. I wish I could just watch Bourque, Neely, Rosie, and Reggie all over again.
In the meantime, I'm just going to be the 1988 B's on NHL 2K7 and relive the glory days, when hockey wasn't such bullsh*t.

FU Chiarelli. Go to hell.

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