Thursday, June 28, 2007


First off, I apologize for being MIA for so long, but I thought everyone else was posting better sh*t than I could, so I just enjoyed being a spectator. Second, wow, how 'bout them Yanks. Clemens???? He was supposed to help save your miserable season. I remember a post when Chieftain claimed that their staff would be unstoppable.


WOW!!!!! Unreal. How can this staff be stopped?

I realize that f*cking with Chieftain has become too obvious on this site, but I still feel the need. This staff is doing just about as well as Rod Beck would be doing (sorry, too soon?). However, take a look at the numeros...

: 3-5, 4.98 ERA

: 4-5, 3.24 ERA (not a bad ERA at all, but aren't the Yanks supposed to be offensive powerhouses?)

Clemens: 1-3!!!!! 5.32 ERA!!!!!! (HAHAHAHAHA)

You have got to be kidding me. This is the team that Chieftain has been touting this whole year? I'll give you Wang as a decent pitcher, even though his 7-4 record is par at best. Hughes may be good enough to be a legit pitcher in this league (if he gets healthy), but you need a lot more than that from your pitching staff.

Let me break it down for you this way...the Yanks need to win EVERY SINGLE 3 game series 2-1, and split their remaining 4 game series (obviously 2-2) to win 93 games this year. 93 games will not get them into the playoffs. They are in desperation mode. Goodbye Yanks. It's been fun.


RhodyTrojan said...


I agree that the Yanks are AD.. Clemens.. 1-3 since you came back and that one win was against Pitt.. HAHAHAHA..

But to use the challenger explosion.. come on.. that is a picture that most are sympathetic too.. and we are NOT sympathetic to the Stanks..

Anonymous said...

what an awful blogger you are rhodytrojan. hang em up buddy...your terrible. bring something to the table or go kick rocks.

Norman P. Orlando said...

well done lyte-dogg! Rod Beck would have been proud to be highlighted in a Win Column post.

p.s. Chieftain is a herb