Monday, July 16, 2007

Can Someone Please Hire Me....

Corey Dillon has basically been begging for a job for the past 6 months....all with zero success. Most recently, he told the media that he "liked" the Dolphins. He's also "liked" the Titans, Chiefs, Raiders, Browns, and Eagles. I actually feel bad for Corey Dillon....but he's wayyyyyyy past his prime. Two years ago, he was running over people at an alarming rate and was just an absolute beast for my beloved Pats. He's out of gas though. He's now a backup or change-of-pace back for a couple series a game. Last year, he went down on the first hit easier than I go down after my 11th Bacardi and Diet. Just retire Dillon for f*cks sake....don't embarrass yourself and stick around longer than you have to. You've got your ring.....and you pretty much did the unthinkable when you showed up to New kept your mouth shut and played hard. Don't let us down.

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