Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sibling Debate...Who's Hotter?

Of late, I have been seeing a lot of photos featuring both Penelope Cruz, 33, and Monica Cruz, 30.

So, let's get to it...All things considered, who's the hotter Cruz?? And, whose back would you rather break?

To clarify...in all of the tag-team photos, Monica is the shorter of two (she is also the one featured in the solo photos - as we all know what Penelope looks like).

Personally...based upon these photos, I favor Monica...but, call me old-school -- as I would kick myself forever if I bypassed the opportunity to sack Penelope. Something about her just oozes sex. Maybe it's the fact that she absolutely craves nudity scenes?

On second thought (and I know I'm nit-picking here)...enlarge that top photo, is it me or does Monica have baby front teeth (and abnormally large gums)?? There must be a reason why Monica's only work has come by way of the Spanish TV series, Un paso adelante.


Anonymous said...

i sweat penelope. she's my #1. and yes, i know, she has kind of a rat face, but she's still at the top of my list.

Norman P. Orlando said...

all good points, but I'd air on the side of penelope b/c she is a minx. HOWEVER, I'd give her sis a turn on the cornicopia of pleasure that is orlando

sticky wicket said...

I'd go with Penelope simply because Monica has dolphin teeth; that's way too much gum for me. Admittedly though, I used to want to bone Penelope way more before Tom Cruise hit that with his crazy Scientology-jism.

beyonce said...


Simply Suds said...

Monica is way hotter. Plus I'm sure she cooks a mean quesadilla.