Monday, July 16, 2007

Me and Mandy Moore Are Getting Married

That's right, is the day I've been waiting for since Mix 98.5 announced its summer concert series. In just three short hours, Mandy will be performing downstairs in the South Garden at the Prudential Center. This is my opportunity to absolutely sweep Mandy off her feet, and I'm confident that I can pull it off. I'm so confident this was meant to be that I bet by 3:00 PM, Mandy and I will be frolicking in Boston Common, sharing a few PB&J sandwiches, splitting a chocolate milk, and engaging in some french kissing and light petting. What's that I bells?!?! Not to jump the gun, but if Mandy's ready to settle am I. So you losers take care of yourself, and enjoy the day because by days end, people will be announcing Mandy and I as Mr. and Mrs. Norman P. Orlando.



Simply Suds said...

I think you mean "Mandy Moore and I"

Just practicing for classes in September.

Anonymous said...

mandy moore is gross

Anonymous said...

i think either one works as long as you're referring to an object