Friday, July 20, 2007

Leave This One Alone, Chucky

Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune is reporting that the Buccaneers have met with free agent Daunte Culpepper to discuss a potential incentive laden contract. Culpepper was in Tampa on Thursday to meet with Head Coach John Gruden and other Tampa officials. Daunte was granted his release from the Dolphins earlier this week, after failing to catch on in the city where the HEAT is on. On the surface, the Bucs don't appear to really need much help at the quarterback position (as they currently hold 5 QB's on their active roster including Jeff Garcia, Chris Simms, Jake Plummer, and Brad Gradkowski), but John Gruden has never met a talented veteran he wouldn't consider working with.

Ok, seriously, Johnny Boy....leave this one alone. Daunte Culpepper sucks. He's God awful. He'll have you smashing your play sheet to the ground, and I'll have to look at that miserable scowl on your face all game, as the cameras focus in on your ugly lid and call you "Chucky." Take it from someone that watched Culpepper attempt to rejuvenate his career in the AFC East.......he's a washed up B-U-M. He tries to do too much....often creating turnovers....which is exactly the opposite of what your team needs. That is why you signed Jeff Garcia. He's a field general that makes minimal mistakes, and tends not to force the issue with turnovers. So, you could say he's the opposite of that mongoloid you hosted in Tampa on Thursday.

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