Monday, July 16, 2007

A Letter to Chieftain

Dear Chieftain,

I've been reading what you have been writing about me. "The Truth" is that I could care less what you think about me. I'm disgustingly rich, and loved by 90% of this city, whereas nobody cares whether or not you're breathing....or getting turned down by a girl in Club Felt or Mansion. Oh wait, you reside in the Ocean State why don't you go watch the PC Friars or the Providence Bruins, rather than watch me school most of the NBA on a nightly basis.

I've seen you play hoops before can be our towel boy anytime. Do you have two left feet or something?


Paul Pierce
The Boston Celtics

1 comment:

Chieftain said...

You got staaaaaaabed!

And, PP...I'm not hatin' on you - as a fan, I love you too. But from a realistic sense, I have enough objectivity to know that you are immensely overrated by the Boston general public.

And, speaking about 'em Friars...what do you know about Randall Hanke, guyyyyy??? Sweet 16 this year...Final 4 next year! Gamblers - take notice...