Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brand Loyalty

Kevin Durant has inked a seven year deal with Nike worth an estimated $60 million dollars, including a $10 million dollar signing bonus. Adidas had an offer on the table for Durant....a $70 million dollar deal with a 12 year signing bonus. However, since Durant has ties to Nike dating back to 8th grade, he chose to stay loyal, and stay with Nike.

Huh? I wish I could make decisions that would basically throw away $12 million bucks. Wow. You know life is good when you're turning down $70 million dollar deals in order to sign $60 million dollar deals. All this on top of your millions that you will earn annually for your Kevin Durant is now one rich mother f*cker. Maybe he can spot me a hundo, or maybe a G. The Nashville crew could sure use some free extra ca$h to do unthinkable acts on the ride down to the Music City.


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