Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Holy Crap

Ok Sudsy, I know you don't like toddlers, but this is an amazing story. I just saw this kid on "Real Sports" on HBO, and was absolutely blown away. This clip pretty much says it all, except now, at the age of 5, he has already shot a 41 for 9 holes. This kid could beat most of this site's readers. Club pros have already been examining his swing and comparing it to Tiger Woods swing (at age 31). As long he continues to beat his cancer (we at The Win Column pray he does) I have a feeling we will be hearing about this kid in the future. If you have HBO watch the segment on this kid. It gave me chills.

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Anonymous said...

this kid doesnt have cancer. hes just lying because he wants attention. put him back in his cage that little mut.