Thursday, April 5, 2007

15 Days Until I Rock Out

For many who know me, I am a simple man. I enjoy sports, sports, bud light, bacardi and diets, and the Dave Matthews Band. So imagine my excitement to sit 15 rows from the stage at the everyone Wang "Chung tonight" Theater in the heart of Beantown. There is a decent chance that Friday April 20th will be the greatest day of my life. Booze, Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds singing acoustic jams for 3 hours, booze, and thousands of smokin' hot college girls getting soaked at the sound of "Crash Into Me" blaring over the loud system.

I am gonna look Dave Matthews right in the eye and give him my best "F-in A" thumbs up and let him know it is time to pah-tay. It's goin down in the theater district in 15 days....mark my words.....I am taking the Wang Theater's go time.

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