Thursday, April 5, 2007

K-Rod is a CHEAT

Last year in the playoffs, it was Kenny "The Gambler" Rogers. Now, K-Rod has followed in his footsteps. In two separate appearances vs. Texas this past week, K-Rod was caught blatantly cheating (see the obvious white substance under the brim of his cap).

When it comes to cheating, why do pitchers get a pass? Statistics indicate that just as many pitchers use performance enhancing substances as hitters, yet fans disregard most pitchers' bad-doing.

The answer is and pundits, alike, only care about offensive numbers and records. Baseball (offensive) stats are considered sacred - and fans don't want any cloud of suspicion surrounding such benchmarks.

Baseball needs to do something about this. But, bet on it...Bud Selig will push this matter under the rug. I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL BUD SELIG STEPS DOWN! By the way, how the hell did Bud Selig earn $14.5M in 2005?? There's no longer any wonder as to why / how Gil Meche and Gary Matthews, Jr. signed outrageous $50M+ contracts this past offseason.

(Credit must be given to The Cheaters Guide to Baseball Blog for the above photo)

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