Friday, April 6, 2007

Is There or Isn't There?

MTV's The Hills star Lauren "LC" Conrad is putting rumors to rest that she and former Laguna flame Jason ever made a sex tape, and that no such tape can or will be released. Only one emotion can describe the way I am feeling right now....anger. I mean I would absolutely love to watch LC get drilled for all the times I have watched Laguna Beach and The Hills (sometimes by free will, sometimes against my will). This girl is a serious clam. She has to be the most miserable broad on the West Coast. Sweetheart, you are famous....have your own a sick beamer and have a nasty job....would it kill you to friggin smile???? If I were a girl, I'd punch LC....check that, I'd give her one of those serious girl slaps that leave a hand print on her cheek. But since I'm's to hoping there is a video where Jason breaks her back and she actually cracks a happy face.

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