Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Vic Mackey Saves Television

As the title of this blog would indicate, our primary focus is obviously sports. However, there are a few exceptions - and, 'The Shield' is certainly one of them. Why? Because I view Vic Mackey as the Albert Pujols of television.

While 'The Sopranos' and '24' are in the midst of "jumping the shark", the season premiere (Season 6) of 'The Shield' did not disappoint. As expected, Mackey (whom could easily pass as Billy Packer's son) is on a possessed mission to hunt down Curtis Lemansky's killer. And, what about Shane?? He has completely lost his marbles - is he the new Christopher (from 'The Sopranos')?

Last night's episode set up the forthcoming season perfectly. Unlike the aforementioned shows, 'The Shield' writers have clearly not run out of new plot lines.

Until next week, I leave you with this: "I hope you know the rules of the game" (as Mackey so eloquently explained to Lt. Kavanaugh)...

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