Friday, April 6, 2007

Coco Crisp is the Anti-Christ

Big ups to my main man Jesus on this Easter weekend. That's where i segue into the Judas of the Boston Red Sox squad this season...the Anti-Christ that is Coco "Covelli" Crisp. After hitting a crappy gay single today, Mr. Crisp managed to RAISE his average to .154. I swear to God this guy is just a complete abortion at the plate. He sucks, he's fact, I'd trade him right now for an Almond Joy, and a bag of Ranch David's Sunflower seeds....and a Diet Pepsi. I hate Coco Crisp more than life itself. He doesn't do anything. He rarely does anything besides hit an Ichiro-esque single a situation that is absolutely meaningless to helping the Red Sox win a game. And what's the deal with his Red Sox Nation commercial? I'd like to smack his bald head right off his stool and tell him he needs a cycle of steroids to be a shell of his former self.

Hey Coco....I am Red Sox suck buddy. But with Jacoby Ellsbury (who's gonna be naaaaaaaaaaaaaasty) looming in the background....I can only hope your days here are numbered. I'll drive you to the airport....please, just're a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

coco does not suck he hit 3 homeruns latly fyi so ya so dnt say dat he sucks cuz he dosnt

Anonymous said...

bitch fuck you coco is a real ballplayer ellesberry aint shit coco plays hurt and when he does bad no gives him credit when ellesberry does bad all they say is hes a rookie and you sir are full of shit