Monday, July 9, 2007

Hail The Man

Here at The Win Column, it has been documented before just how legendary Jack Nicholson is. Everything about him is smooth.

P.I.M.P. -- I mean, just look at him marinating on that boat in Saint Jean Cap-Ferrat. Ladies love him, men wanna be him. After all, Nicholson was named on Maxim's "Top 10 Living Legends of Sex" with an alleged 2,000 women that he has slept with. Without any research, something tells me that Hugh Hefner likely resides at the top of such a list.

But, what I like most about Jack is that he is a true sports fan. There aren't many people from Hollywood that can say the same. Off the top of my head, here is a short list of superstars that actually possess some sports knowledge:

Spike Lee, Turtle (from Entourage), Billy Crystal, Donnie Wahlberg, Vince Vaughn, James Belushi, Alyssa Milano, Jay-Z, and Snoop Dogg.

Any others?? There aren't many more. And, no Ben Affleck does not count -- it wouldn't surprise me if he showed up to Fenway in October wearing his "pink hat".

If the above topic doesn't provide enough debate...then, what's Jack's best all-time film? Discuss...


Anonymous said...

Jack Nicholson... definitely living the life! One of the coolest guys in hollywood... and he clearly doesnt give a f%$k what anyone thinks.

His best films are The Shining, Cuckoo's Nest, and The Departed (but I do think he was great in Anger Management, even though the movie sucked balls).

Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth (Paul Pierce) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Norman P. Orlando said...

I'd like to throw dennis hopper in the mix in terms of hollywood stars that know sports. As far as best movies are concerned you can't throw cuckoo's nest in the mix b/c the movie sucked compared to the book (sorry for all of you illiterate punks out there). Five Easy Pieces is a classic though

Beyonce said...

How can any of you mention Jack Nicholson and not mention "A Few Good Men"....that's some of his best work.

He's also underrated as the Joker in the first "new age" Batman movie with Michael Keaton as Batman.

JaSoN said...

Jack is definitely living the good life! He's always front row and center at the Laker games, and even at his age, his still BIG PIMPIN! As for the sports knowledge, I do agree with that list, I always see pics of Donnie Wahlberg at games or shown on TV during games. How life has changed since New Kids. lol...I work with Spike TV and they are coming out with a new show called the Kill Point which will star Donnie Wahlberg as a hostage negotiator trying to negotiate with a bank robber played by John Leguizamo. It takes place in a 8 hr time frame, with each episode being an hour so it's very much like a action packed mini series! Be sure to head over to the site to see some clips, bios and get some good info on the show. And don't forget to tune in to Spike TV on July 22nd for the 1st episode of the Kill Point airing at 10 PM.