Monday, July 9, 2007

4th of July -- Rewind

As I was away this past week, here is R. Kelly's "Independence" tribute from a few years back (Bernard Hopkins / Jermaine Taylor fight).

Like / dislike...what are your thoughts?


sticky wicket said...


Anyone who thinks its okay to have the national anthem sung by a pedophile assh*le like R. Kelly should be deported.

Also, did you see the shot of De La Hoya? He looked like he was about to cry; that's how bad R. Kelly's performance was. Hell, if I had to listen to R. Kelly's sh*tty music, I'd have that look on my face too.

And what the f*ck was up with the couple ballroom dancing in the ring behind R. Kelly?! Is this f*cking Dancing With the Stars?!?!

There is nothing about this video that doesn't enrage me to the point where I want to mercilessly beat R. Kelly into a mangled carcass of broken bones. Thank you. Thank you R. Kelly, for contributing the the ass-clownery of our nation.

Anonymous said...

that's the third worst version i've ever heard... behind #1 Roseanne, and #2 Carl Lewis. What a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

I didn't think it was that bad until I heard the "clap your hands" in the middle of the song. From there on, it's just absolutely brutal.

Stick to peein' on underage girls in Chi-town.